The ‘logic’ of blockchain was formed, several years ago, by banks who didn’t trust each other; it was a ‘standoff’ of sorts.
Feedback from BadgeChain Presentation on Open Badges in Higher Education Call
W. Ian O'Byrne

Either I don’t understand the question/comment or the author of this comment profoundly misreads the origins of the blockchain. It was not created by banks, but by individuals seeking to not have to use intermediaries (exactly like banks) to transact goods of value. It shifts the power from the institution to the individual. More recently, blockchain applications have been developed to make services provided by institutions like banks more efficient. Trust remains a concept in the logic of blockchain, but it is a ‘trust but verify’ ethic. Any specific application of blockchain technology — including in education — could be designed to privilege the values and needs of its intended users (including via closed or ‘permissioned’ blockchains, which could be thought of something akin to corporate intranets).

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