Hillary was a HORRIBLE candidate.
Chuck Finley

I had great respect for the Clintons in the 90s but the road they took starting with the Marc Rich pardon was reprehensible. Why couldn’t Hillary play clean in the SoS role for four years? Take a break. They had probably 50 million in the bank by then. But it wasn’t enough. And now she can enjoy that extra $50M she made with Bill at the expense of her presidency.

And as people noted, the campaign was a disaster. Infinite money to spend, no message, horrible VP choice, lying about her emails for more than a year on the trail and then the clincher — cheated in the primary and got caught because her opponent colluded with Russian hackers to release the truth.

And to top it off we find that her campaign had been pumping up Cruz and Trump for months with inside press connections because they knew they couldn’t beat anyone else.

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