Admit It. The Clinton Email Controversy Bothers You, Yet You Don’t Actually Know What the Clinton…
Ken Crossland

This article misses the real point. The Clintons made around $150m after Bill left office. This was largely paid by shady-at-best, open bribery at worst speaking deals. Many deals. The foundation was never investigated and the FBI seemingly tried not to find anything related to the foundation even though it’s likely that either or both Clinton or Huma used for the Foundation business.

This affair has been downgraded by the media who would have explained Nixon’s Watergate now by the “the president made a mistake and a few staffers on their own took a peak of some campaign papers… big deal”.

People go to jail for 1% of what Hillary Clinton did. During the campaign the voters realized what the DNC and leadership knew all along — Clinton was a very damaged candidate who’s only hope of winning was a fully-insane version of Trump. Trump emerged 5% sane and that was enough to cost her the election.

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