The Cis Slur
Ashley J Cooper

This was a difficult comment to write honestly because I completely love your message and clarity.

Your message is strong and completely true from almost all perspectives, however please keep in mind that there are individuals who treat “cis” as if it is a vile epithet rather than a simple descriptor label.

It shouldn’t be offensive to anyone, I don’t find it so. There are individuals though who choose to dismiss anyone, even allies, and use “cis” in the same way someone would use any true insulting slur.

They’re a very low minority and it is a rare occurrence but it does happen.

That said, I think the only real solution is to not use it as an insult which most people do not do. No person anywhere should ever be made to feel that their identity is demeaning or insulting, period.

As for those who just take offense to being labeled, well some people dislike that and it bothers them, because as you said they feel like labels make them “other” or not “normal”, those people likely will slowly come to terms with the idea and the fact that labels do not make anyone less of a person nor do they define any person in whole.

I for one hope that the day soon comes where we can all be comfortable in our identities and not be persecuted or deprived of human rights simply because we don’t conform to a standard arbitrarily set by one group or another. We’re human, all of us, and we should come together over what we all have in common.

Idealistic? Maybe, but I’ll always be hoping for an idyllic future for us as a whole.

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