The difference between Equality and Equity in design
Fabricio Teixeira

Equity for communities is a desirable destination. Equality is not. In extreme if we are all equal this is by definition the least diverse state. Equilibrium and homeostasis are vital conditions for single bodies but they represent death for anything wishing to create something new. Let’s celebrate difference and fight to achieve equity. But a cautionary note. If, in the second diagram, the boxes represent resources, how does one create equity if the resources are finite and equivalent to only three boxes between the three similarly tall people with different ( starting ) contexts. If we can work this one out and use the answer to adjust the free market capitalist system, we may over time produce a fair society.

PS. I also agree with the commentator who feels it is anathema to consider these things when discussing the creative industries. True artistic expression is a mystery and the market for ( creative) ideas ignores human considerations such as equity and equality. But I know that isn’t the point you were making.

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