A Humbling Lesson in Spirituality
Valeria Black

Here are some random thoughts…..

I think the more we know, the less we understand. That is the beauty of science is that it opens up more not less mystery. And as a scientist ( well OK a mere engineer) myself, I love that.

At 57 years of age, I’m agnostic. How the hell am I going to get off this fence before it’s too late!

It’s true that religion has been the perpetrator of many wars and much human suffering. But in this respect it is dwarfed by the horror of populist Nationalism. Religion during the twentieth century found itself in retreat, Nationalism in the twenty first is recovering. Good people everywhere must come up with an alternative that works long term for everyone. The solution will have something to do with love.

Religion has always served a twin purpose. To enable fearful humans to get out of bed and face the terrors of existence and to control the behaviour of these fearful humans in this life (since they faced judgement in the next).

I surprised myself how readily I turned turned to prayer when faced with a sense of hopelessness. Further reflection convinced me that it works. I am yet to see this as evidence that I am a religious person.

Though I believe it is crucial for a human being to be true to themselve to preserve mental health, I think it’s OK to make up stories and develop a deep Faith in them almost to the point of delusion if it helps you cope.

We humans are spiritual beings. It is impossible to look into the eyes of your new born child and respond in terms which are only rational and emotional. The great spirit is standing beside you at precisely that moment and in that moment you have changed forever.