For some odd reason, money has been a taboo subject in creative professions. Why are we ashamed to admit that we want to make money as writers? Why isn’t it acceptable to profit from our passions?
I Want to Make Money as a Writer.
Anna Sabino

Hi Anna, in my opinion no one should judge others in this respect. There is no natural law that says that a writer should not write simply to make money. There is no natural law that says a writer who writes for reasons other than money should not accept a money reward. And, there is no natural law that says a writer should only write to fulfil a passion or the irresistible urge to tell stories. So I think it is acceptable to profit from passion and I think the only shame would be to be ashamed of one’s sincerely held motivation.

However it has been much documented by great artists that there is a risk when artists are encouraged to satisfy popular demand. The risk is that the quality of the art so produced falls short of what is otherwise possible in that the requirement is set by the popular consumer and not the artist. And the quality so reduced encourages others of lesser ability to join in thus supercharging the dive to the bottom. This is not to say that the popular consumer cannot appreciate great art, just that they shouldn’t set the standard for it. Schopenhauer captured this phenomenon in typical fashion when he spat “ All the page filling through which empty heads seek to fill their empty pockets”. If we are to engage in demand side artistry we should take care when selecting our audience. I think this legitimate concern is the ‘odd reason’ to which you allude.

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