Huvafen Fushi

Lofty stones bow slowly down,

creatures feature their face

A little dot of beauty

born of Nature’s grace.

A million deaths so given

Ground to white and silver sand

And polished into gold

by a gentle, steady hand.

Sharks circle in constant orbit

Moody, sleepless Kings of the sea

Unpaid day and night watchmen

Keeping all here danger free.

And the lonely heron’s vigil

Proves patience reaps reward

Little silverfish play until and at last

He finally thrusts his sword.

Stingrays come by to visit

With a retinue of old good friends

Pacing unfashionably early

For what their journey intends.

Flapping, splashing, demanding

Their hunger to be relieved

And though the meal is short and sweet

It’s gratefully, greedily received.

On dry land kind and diligent hosts

With their goal our constant care

Bring forward chef’s creations

Prepared with pride and flair.

These island brothers and sisters

With open hearts and smiling eyes

A bridge between the diamond sea

And ink black starry skies.

They must stay here always

Their children’s children belong

Just as we can only visit

And bathe for a moment in their song

Then as all good things come to an end

We’ll make our way home too soon

And wave to our cousin the dolphin

Who must forever follow the Moon.

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