Sheryl Martin

Lovely poem and nice prompt Sheryl, thanks and thanks also to Kathy and Chalkboard. I didn’t think I’d need so many words to express what I wanted to say for this one….

Freedom or Social Justice

Oh God, our hearts are bleeding

Hear our prayer for you alone give it meaning…

At this very moment another child will die,

Her mother gulping dust filled air as yet unable to cry;

At this very moment a woman lives in fear,

Taken far away from home and all that she holds dear;

At this very moment a young man takes his life,

No matter all seemed well to his new and loving wife;

At this very moment Grandma still lives at home,

Her wise voice silent, choked from hours spent all alone;

At this very moment Youth’s promise will never bud,

A victim of the careless knives that separate flesh and blood;

At this very moment Reason’s locked up in the Tower,

Without fair trial found guilty of speaking Truth to Power;

At this very moment a Nation has been shattered,

Half it’s people ruined for The Dynasty’s all that mattered;

At this very moment the Strong Men may hold sway,

But if together we whisper, we can blow all this away;

In each and every moment when kindness is our song,

A prayer will be answered and The Gods will sing along.

…..In the name of Eternal Faith, Hope and Love,

Through Love, the greatest of these, we will rise above. Amen.

Sometimes it is helpful to trivialise even the most challenging of problems. The ‘taco girl’ in her childish naivety responds to the ‘hard or soft taco’ choice with an obvious, childish answer. So why not apply her logic to the most difficult of all questions facing Humanity at present. Must we choose between Freedom and Social Justice? Or, in other words, if unregulated markets are the most effective means to satisfy our ( changing) needs and wants, must there always be losers?

Prayer, at least in its practical form, is a means for cementing large scale belief in something fictional- I’m setting to one side for now the possibility that it, and Religion, has a supernatural function as we can’t know this and so it is simply a choice; Faith or Not, here we can’t have both! It often involves an appeal to something or someone more powerful than the Self to intervene positively- if the opposite is your desire then it’s a curse- and so an individual act, the purpose of which is to invoke something more powerful to effect positive change is like a prayer. Hence the conclusion above which reverses the logic of prayer. If an act of human kindness is a prayer and the aggregate effect of such acts creates a culture of kindness, this ‘something more powerful’ might allow us to have both, Freedom and Social Justice. In this way we Humans can, through everyday acts, define the actions of Gods. They simply must follow.