We certainly do… The heart usually wins out over head.
Elizabeth Helmich

Now that’s interesting. I wonder what you are thinking when judging what ‘smart’ is. ( I think) When Pascal wrote his now famous words, he didn’t equate ‘the heart’ to romantic emotions ( as is often done nowadays) rather the heart was the sensory centre, the place which processed feelings and intuitive judgement ( what we might now call Emotional Intelligence presumably to differentiate it from being just purely emotional). Since the Romantics captured the heart for emotions and science placed judgement deep within the brain, we have moved intuition down and into the gut. So Pascal was saying we humans know things which are beyond our rational experience. We just know them. There is no one smarter than the person who just knows…. For they have more than ( just) the sum of their rational experience from which to draw judgement. It’s smart go with your heart!

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