Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

There is nothing wrong with stream of consciousness angry writing. In fact I quite like it as entertainment. But it rarely solves problems and if I detect in you anger a desire to bring about change, then the following may help. It is neither a defence of capitalism, nor is it an attack on it. Rather the fact of capitalism is accepted and some ideas are explored about how we might do better. I know it’s boring but I’d rather solve the crisis which faces humanity through technocratic development than wait for the only credible alternative. Revolution is not boring, but it rarely works out well for anyone really.

I also wrote this poem shortly after the financial crisis lest we all forget that we were all to blame.

Hermes has left the building.

The newsroom broadcasts 24/7 doom

Constipated by its very own boom.

Bankers hoard and take the blame,

a convenient lie which hides our name.

And fat cats purr while dropping their axe

on the unlucky idle ignorant of the facts.

So unworthy leaders run cowardly for cover,

Their impotence laid bare by the absent lover.

“Oh Hermes, come back!”

the artist laughs,

without any money

the rich can’t buy your scarves.

Written after the failure of Lehman Bros and Inspired by the global financial crisis and the ensuing credit crunch. The luxury brand Hermes like other lux brands went from strength to strength after the crisis, it’s share price rising from €100 in 2008 to roughly €360 in 2015. Hermes is the God of trade and commerce, he is the son of Zeus and the messenger of the Gods brokering deals between the Divine and the mere mortal. So the last line is sarcastic as if to underline the effect which unbridled market capitalism has on wealth inequality. The artist ( or maybe even the clown) free from the desire for material wealth views the whole mess from a distance, weeping for the ordinary man and mocking those in power. But in the end, the message is that we all bear some responsibility.

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