About this whole ‘unconditional love’ thing
Jonas Ellison

This and all the commentary around it requires that we believe there are different types of love. And it may be true that there are different types of love. But unlike ‘unrequited’ which is a legitimate adjective since it describes the absence of love, ‘unconditional’ is redundant. Since we know so little of love except our sincere belief that it exists, any attempt at categorisation is premature. Until I know better, love is love. Full stop. For unconditional love to make sense, we need to accept that love can also be conditional. To see what I mean we can consider some examples of conditional love.

  1. I will love you provided you love me.
  2. I will love you provided you don’t betray me.
  3. I will love you provided you keep up the gym three times a week.

What is on offer here is not love. Love is always ‘given’ unconditionally until for whatever reason, it ceases to exist. And the many reasons it can cease to exist, are only known, if they can be known, after the fact. If that strange tingling feeling we feel is love, be sure it is unconditional because otherwise it’s something which needs medical checking.

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