Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

Yes it’s important that the only super power standing stays in the game. But in the long run the World needs to accept a variety of value systems if we are ever to peacefully coexist long enough to figure out how we get off this little jewel when the time comes.

If China were a tech stock it’s market cap would vastly exceed that of the old US cash cow right now. I know that this goes beyond economics but should we just ignore their World view. The things they love? And what of Japan and the rest of Asia. What about the African Nations when they get going properly. The West, if we for now accept that it does share a coherent value system, has done some great things but it has also had some really dodgy foreign policy moments along the way.

It maybe that there are some universal human values. But even If so the granular detail would reveal differences which are significant in practice. Take for example, the right to life. At a broad sweep, we all agree but down in the small print some are prepared to kill their ‘brothers’ over differences in opinion.

I personally think it is Globalisation that we must not turn our backs on. We must strengthen all Transnational Organisations and possibly create some new ones in order to devise and develop a set of rules Governing all Human behaviour. Membership of this club does not require each constituent Nation ( or bloc ) to share the same values, just abide by the rules. We’ve come a long way in this endeavour so far. But we will not achieve it’s natural end if we persist in the kind of Crusader behaviour which seeks to crush the ‘Others’ legitimate point of view.

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