Doug Ross Highlights The Value of Spending Quality Time with the Family

We all know that family time is important, but have you ever stopped to think about why exactly that is? Obviously, parents want to spend time with their children who they love and care for, but beyond that, there are numerous studies which have indicated that spending quality time with the family can actually have significant benefits on the behaviour and learning skills of kids. Doug Ross is a family man and car sales expert from Barrie, Ontario who understands the importance of spending time with one’s family on a regular basis. He has had a career in the automobile industry that has spanned decades, including time working for General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, and the Automotive School of Canada at Georgian College, however, he’s never failed to prioritize time with his loved ones.

Spending Quality Time with the Family Facilitates Bonding

One of the greatest benefits of spending time with your family is that it can lead to a stronger bond, shares Barrie’s Doug Ross. Having a family that is close is a wonderful thing, and the only way to have this is by ensuring that a deep, strong bond develops between the parents and children. Ultimately, children want to feel a sense of belonging and safety, and by engaging with them regularly, you can create this type of warm, loving environment.

Spending Quality Time with the Family Allows You to Impart Life Lessons

Teaching your children life lessons is especially important when they are younger. But if you want to pass down the wisdom you have, and ensure they take it to heart, you have to put in the work. Although no parent can protect their child from everything, lessons can be an effective way of preventing your child from going down the wrong path or making the same mistakes you may have made when you were young. Doug Ross claims that if there is a certain lesson you wish to instill in your child, make time to have a proper, open discussion about it. Rather than simply lecturing them on the topic, make it a dialogue. Ask for their opinion and be honest about your own shortcomings.

Spending Quality Time with the Family Can Improve Your Child’s Learning Skills

According to Doug Ross, many parents both in Barrie, and the rest of Ontario, are unaware that beyond making their children feel love and cared for, spending time with them can actually improve their ability to learn. Research has shown that children who have parents or other family members that find time to engage with them are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, more likely to graduate from high school, and more likely to go onto post-secondary education. There are a multitude of ways parents can get involved with their child, from playing hockey with them every Saturday morning to reading them a bedtime story at night. Doug also notes that if you have some spare time, you could even get involved directly with their school by joining the parent teachers association.

Spending Quality Time with the Family Can Foster Positive Behavioural Changes

Lastly, children who spend quality time with their families at home are more likely to exhibit positive behavior. Studies have proven that kids who ate dinner with their families on a regular basis performed better academically, and teenagers who spent more time with their parents were less likely to drink alcohol. If you feel that your children are pulling away, especially as they enter adolescence, Doug Ross recommends being open and honest about wanting to spend more time with them. Let them know how you feel and come up with a few activities you could do together. It could be as simple as baking cupcakes in your own kitchen, or as adventurous as going on a hike through nature.



Welcome to my medium page! I am a car enthusiast & sales expert, based in Muskoka, Ontario. I am going to use this platform to discuss topics I find of value.

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Doug Ross (Barrie)

Doug Ross (Barrie)

Welcome to my medium page! I am a car enthusiast & sales expert, based in Muskoka, Ontario. I am going to use this platform to discuss topics I find of value.