“Who shall dwell on your holy hill? He…who speaks truth in his heart.” -Psalm 15:1–2

The most dangerous and destructive lies we tell are the ones we tell to ourselves.

We lie to ourselves about our past, our worth, our future. We repeat the damaging scripts we have received from others. We repeat the distortions we have heard from society and culture and our Enemy.

The lies we tell others have the power to destroy relationships, alienate loved ones, break-up marriages, ruin careers and erode trust. But this is nothing compared to damage that our internal deceptions do to our souls. The lies we tell ourselves cut the deepest because the voice we hear them in is our own.

It’s interesting that David places this so early in the characteristics that he lists for someone who is dwelling in God’s presence.

One of our initial and most important acts of spiritual transformation is to ask God to re-write the scripts which we have been repeating to ourselves. These lies must be repented of and removed from our inner life before true intimacy with God is possible.

What lies are you allowing into your soul dialogue? What truth do you need to speak in your heart today?

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