10 reasons why Muslims are the worst.
SF Ali

Funny, poignant and powerful. The reason it works is because you’re Muslim — and it wouldn’t, if you weren’t (I think that’s the part that the few offended people missed).

The more non-Muslims see that Muslims are just regular people, the more difficult it will be to sell non-Muslims on the fallacies of Islamophobic propaganda.

That’s why prejudice and conspiracy theories about a given minority religion always (mostly) dissolve over time. We saw it with Catholics, we saw it with Jews, and we’re seeing it with Muslims, currently.

PS- Just FYI, you may get even more reach and traction if you add some other tags (i.e. Islam, Muslims, Islamophobia, etc. — or whatever else you feel might fit). Of the few tags there now, “politics” seems to be the only one that fits at all. And thanks again — great piece!

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