Why We Are Self Publishing the Aviary Cookbook - Lessons From the Alinea Book.
nick kokonas

Nick Kokonas, this is a terrific piece, and a fascinating inside look at your particular publishing journey. I am glad you wrote it; I feel like I learned a lot about you and your organization by reading it. I am not surprised that the maverick hero figure here is a great independent publisher like Aaron Wehner of Ten Speed. And god knows I think there are plenty of liabilities to conglomerate Big 5 publishing as it’s practiced today, and occasional instances where self-publishing definitely makes sense. But I wish you hadn’t taken this as an opportunity to malign a whole industry. Long as this post is, I wish it were longer still, so maybe it wouldn’t have quite so many elisions, omissions, and contradictions in your account of how you and your company pursued publishing these books. For most people who don’t have the kind of resources and platform commanded by you and your partners, self-publishing is a tremendously high-risk venture — especially at the scale you’ve practiced it. There are a lot of options out there between self-publishing and the Big 5; I hope at least some of your readers understand that.