What’s It Like To Be Robbed
Justin Williams

What I am writing here is not a story. It is merely a response — shapped in the form of a question — regarding the post, by Justin Williams entitled, “What’s It Like To Be Robbed?” Justin, have you seen Nagle Jackson’s play, “The White Room”? If you have, then I suspect you know why I’m asking the question. If not, perhaps it would be worth your time as well as your philosophical bent to read it, if seeing it performed is not a viable option.

The attached review of the play is not very positive, nor is it, in my judgement exhaustively accurate in its analysis of Mr. Jackson’s writing. But in the interests of transparancy, I am an actor who has worked with Nagle Jackson, though not in this particular play.

In any event, if you do read it and would care to comment on it, I would be interested in your reactions.

Good luck.

Doug Wild


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