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1. Selling Sleep

a podcast by Reid Hoffman on successful businesses (mostly startups)

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  • Host: Reid Hoffman
  • About: Scaling a new business (startup)
  • Frequency: Seasonal
  • Format: Interview of key players
  • Links: iTunes| Stitcher

Why listen to Masters of Scale?

  • Beautifully crafted (edited) and entertaining
  • Summarised content — you are spared from long boring conversations
  • Guests on the show are achievers & their stories are focused on the topic — insightful!

Share your thoughts on this podcast channel in the comments section (below). Should you have any recommendations, feel free to drop in an email at podcasts[at]doulos[dot]xyz 🖖🏾

podcasts — an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen to…

While podcasting is just a little over a decade old, the concept of orally sharing information & learning has always been the cornerstone of our development. …

A quick checklist for entrepreneurs who are starting their eCommerce journey

everybody needs a checklist — especially an entrepreneur

Everybody needs a checklist, especially an entrepreneur.

If you do not have one already, or have it on bits of paper spread across your desk, you better get it sorted into one document. …

An overview of how we use Machine Learning to edit & create new images at FlixStock

source: State of the Web report by

About 50% of any eCommerce website is full of images! And it is this 50% that is the most crucial factor in influencing the decision of most buyers.

Yet, 99% of images are created and edited by skilled ‘Humans’ — a repetitive & mundane job. …

How do you create a great work culture in your workplace (or startup)? Have you successfully fostered one at your workplace?


Epilogue: this story was first published on LinkedIn here with the purpose of starting a dialogue on the often neglected & most critical aspect of a new business.

I am trying to find a solution to this mystery. …

A tired Panda — pic by DaiLuo

a reflection of a larger problem — information overload

Slack Fatigue, is it possible? I have been pondering over this question for some time. A simple search on medium directed me to this comment i could relate to!

The comment barely scratched the problem. The next one was this article on Hackernoon

Finding the Pandora’s box of information

I joined Slack about two years back…

Everyday folks of New Delhi

Delhi barbad hogayi, delhi ab delhi nahi raha

‘Delhi is destroyed, it’s not the delhi anymore’

“I was 9 years old when i came to Delhi. It was a different Delhi then! Now it’s not the Delhi I know”

I didn’t bother to ask his name, in fact I didn’t…

can a virtual assistant change the way we shop & thereby change the entire ecosystem?

Yesterday, internet was on fire after Sundar Pichai demonstrated Google Duplex!

…said Google Duplex

A part of me still don’t believe that it is a machine behind that voice! The nuances and pauses, the Mm-hmm and the Gotcha…sure it’s not a human voice?

An extract of the demo:

While watching this video…

About 6 months ago, I started listening to a podcast. It was mere coincidence. I needed an excerpt from an interview which was aired on a podcast. While listening to the podcast, I started browsing and subscribing to few others. This is now a practice! …

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