Dove Network Worldwide

Dove network will have a dramatic impact on the telecommunication industry. The main goal of our application is to ensure unused data is not wasted by providing the vehicle for data exchange. Dove uses blockchain technology to trade and settle the data transactions on the platform. By using blockchain, we are able to provide data that is linked and secured by cryptography. This provides a secure data sharing network without letting unauthorized users modify existing data. Blockchain technology allows users to have more control over what they use and how they use the applications (which was mostly controlled by entities and large corporations before the invention of blockchain). Blockchain also plays an important role in the distribution of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and ultimately Dove tokens.

Today data is an essential commodity. People all around the world depend on the internet for various purposes in their lives. With the increase in demand for internet access, telecom companies are having to come up with new plans and ways to stay competitive. However, right now, internet prices and costs are still dictated by the telecom companies and there is little to no flexibility. Customers can only choose plans from plans made available to them. People have to try and decide which plans work best even though most plans may not be suitable for their needs. This typically results in either too little data or a lot of unused wasted data. Dove network solves this issue by giving people a way to utilize unused data and provide connectivity to others in need. The unused data can be shared with anyone, anytime. Data is traded for dove tokens, our own cryptocurrency, through our secure application. As more customers leverage dove network, more data options become available. This provides a gateway for people and devices to start buying and selling excess data. In addition, it provides people with a la carte type option for internet connectivity. This enables people to pick and choose the internet plans that suit them and their current needs best. Dove network allows users to create and customize their own plans based on availability and connections in the network. This gives the power of connectivity back to the people in a peer-to-peer fashion. However, one thing that is still required for dove network is internet exchange points or ISP’s. Sellers of data need to have network connectivity in order to use dove network for the exchange of data. This type of peer-based system will be key to increasing internet accessibility in remote places and places with little to no connectivity. As more people start using the application, the more the network grows. With an increased number of nodes in the network, people and devices can connect all over the world. With dove network, the goal is to be able to trade data anywhere without fear or worry of roaming charges, connectivity issues, or overage charges.

Next, lets look at a few of the advantages dove network provides as we look into the future.

  • As dove network grows, people will be able to connect to all around the world.
  • Remote areas (which may not have the proper infrastructure or means for providing an internet connection) will be able to leverage dove to help increase internet accessibility.
  • Big companies and corporations can reduce their costs by selling their unused data during non-working hours.
  • Individuals can earn extra money by selling the excess data they do not use.
  • Governments can increase communication and help spread knowledge, education, and news.
  • People who cannot afford high-speed or expensive internet packages can now get access to the internet at a reasonable price.
  • Dove tokens obtained by data trading can also be used to exchange goods and services.
  • People who cannot afford to go to school or college will able to access information or classes online through the internet

Despite the efforts by telecom companies and governments to provide global internet access, there are still more than 3 billion people around the world without internet connections. It is estimated that more than half of the population worldwide already owns a mobile phone, so this represents a huge market for accessibility. If we can create a peer-to-peer system that allows people to use their mobile devices for the exchange of data, we will be that much closer to bridging the internet gap. We look forward to the day when everyone, everywhere is online. The world can truly start to develop and prosper when internet connectivity becomes universal. Dove network’s vision is to provide the platform for everyone around the globe to gain access to the internet.