How iterations lead to great design

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When I was in college, I had a computer science teacher, Nelson, who enjoyed renaming words. Sometime he would make a joke out of it. He would rename dating’ to ‘friends++.’ Some helped us students remember crucial concepts; he renamed ‘coding’ to ‘Incremental Code Development’ because he wanted us to understand that writing valid code is an iterative process. You develop a small chunk, test, gain insights, and then develop some more.

A meaningful connection begins with a conversation

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“I thought only older women go through Breast Cancer” summarizes the shock a young patient felt when first diagnosed. 1 in 27 women under 40 will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the second most common cancer worldwide.

As I set out to speak to Breast Cancer survivors and their families, I realized it could be difficult for patients to relate to family and friends who are not going through the same ordeal. This motivated me to find ways to improve a patient's experience as they go through treatment.


After conducting research, I decided…

Dovid Baum

I have been working in Manhattan, NY as a Software Engineer. I’m fascinated with how humans and computers interact. Check out:

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