How to let go of your past traumas that are trapped in your body and life.

Are your past traumas still affecting your present day happiness?

One thing that we can so easily observe time and time again is that when we undergo trauma the effects can last for a life time. Some people will have had a trauma and the consequence of this trauma is anchored into the body and mind so deeply that it now filters all incoming information.

The trauma is stored in the body and affects our brain, activating a defensive, reactive hyper vigilant state which we live in. It’s like the fight or flight switch has been turned on and now stays turned on permanently.

Because I work with a lot of people with anxiety and PTSD, I see how someone’s life was going well until a certain moment in life affected them so much, that they are never the same again. But what is interesting is that some of these people, even the ones who have had really horrific traumas can actually turn this painful event into something else, something actually quite useful. Beneath every wound is a gift. Most people don’t know how to look to see the gift or are still hurting so much they can’t even comprehend this concept. The thing is, nobody can access this gift if their nervous system is trapped in a defensive, reactive pattern.

We help people to unlock the trauma that is stored in the body. We do this in a very safe and gentle way — we bypass the ‘stories’ (mind) and work directly with teaching the nervous system how to connect to and release this trauma and how to re-establish safety in your inner world, which then allows you to feel safer in the outer world. So your daily experience begins to move out of feeling trapped, scared, detached into a variety of states of enhanced wellbeing — such as feeling empowered, strong, confident, passionate, alive etc. It’s like you gain a new lease on life.

How hard is it for anyone to thrive when they are in an environment that is scary, unsafe and painful? Now if you have had significant traumas in life, it is possible that this is your daily experience. What is amazing though, is how quickly this will all change for you — as soon as your nervous system (your brain, spine, all the nerves etc) moves out of defensive mode (the fight or flight switch is turned off) and into safety mode — your life will be very different.

What amazes me is how quick this change can take place. It is not a process that takes many years, but over a period of 3–6 months your life will be so different to now, you will wonder how you actually used to manage. When you move out of survival and into thrive mode you will look forward to what is coming up in life with excitement and you will spend more time in the present moment and relationships will flow more. You will have more energy and your sleep will improve. Essentially your quality of life will improve.

What most of my clients love is that they notice big shifts right from the very first free introductory 20 minute consultation. They know something we are doing here is very different and very special. It’s like finding a lost key to a locked precious jewellery box.

Most people who come to me have often tried many other forms of therapy but notice straight away something very powerful is going on here at a deeper level. The release is on the level of your nervous system and it is profound. I invite you, if you’re ready, to make 2015 your best year yet (being free, happier and healthier) to come in for a free 20 minute consultation so I can share with you how we can help you release life’s traumas that are anchored into your body and life.

If you live in Auckland and if you can make it into the city for a consultation and your’e ready to finally be free then

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If you want more info visit our website Inspiring Wellness, and make sure you read some of our testimonials, they might just inspire you to take action.

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