Why do we need standup meeting?

Thanks so much!

I just remembered how as a developer who started doing Scrum, I had a huge task I was stuck on, and how bad I felt every day when saying : yesterday I was doing the refactoring, today I will finish it.

After that sprint I promised myself I will take only 1–2 day tasks on myself.

Standups are indeed a tool to train you to be accountable.

Yet the MAIN purpose I see is communication, not reporting.

It is a short team meeting to enable passing information and share (nonverbal) team-mood.

Also, in a true agile fashion, no tasks are pre-prescribed. so whenever someone is about to finish a task, she will pick another one based on team-needs (and the whole team is there to back up the decision)

Look at a daily standup like a family having breakfast together, do you see how this contributes to the family bond?

If you don’t want to do family breakfast, it might be a sign you have family problems (or not)

If you don’t want to do a standup, you might have team-issues (or not)

And last — no reason a standup will take more than 3 minutes! if it takes 15 minutes try to understand what the time is spent on (perhaps it is a nice exercise for the SM to record one standup and analyse it later?

Again, thanks for the translation :)

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