Building trust should be your number one priority.

DISCLAIMER. What I will analyze here is how to create a long-term brand that will generate sales. No cheap tricks and fast results — we are here for the marathon. If you came to find a fast success formula — this article ain’t your stop.
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So you’re planning your next big marketing campaign. Or maybe it’s your first website and you really want to get some conversions out of it. You want your client to buy more products — the content must get their attention, it must be epic! Now, let’s see how to do it the best way, without…

Do you want to go viral? Think twice before answering.

The lessons I’ve learned about marketing and hate.

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It all started with a message asking to translate a sentence. The sender wasn’t somebody I know — just a stranger, who happened to visit my page. I did translate the sentence, asked for a like on the page, and thought that I could call it a day. Boy, was I wrong.

The person explained that I will help more from time to time (you read it correctly — explained, not asked) to which I responded that I don’t work for free and if a translation is needed — it will cost. …

You’re a human being, not a robot.

Hi there, young man. I’m having a hard time formulating this message. Life’s journey is an endless one and I’m still in at the beginning of it. I don’t feel like I could teach you much, because you have to experience life and make your own mistakes. I know you wouldn’t listen to my advice anyways — you feel like you know it all. And that’s where I’d like to say that you don’t know better. Even if you do — being humble and hearing others can teach you something, being stubborn and…

How NOT to get sales

I went to try this BMW…

It was a beautiful summer afternoon. Birds chirping, the sun caressing my skin and me driving toward the BMW dealership. I had scheduled a test-drive one week earlier and was excited to finally test a BMW and see what all the fuss was about. I came to the dealership with my assistant Vilius and what followed was one of the worst sales experience I ever had (if you can call it sales at all).

First impression

Making the right first impression is crucial. I personally love meeting people and making them feel like they are the most important person in the world…

From failed startup to software engineer in a unicorn

When Alex’s startup went bankrupt, he knew he needed to make some changes…

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This story is about a great friend of mine, entrepreneur, and inspiring figure — Alex Baas.

I met Alex about 5 years ago. Back then he had just started his startup (Dropbyke) journey — got investments, launched the app and the future was looking promising. Silicon Valley and multimillion valuations seemed reachable by hand. The idea was solid, the team was good and the only limit was the sky.

Fast forward 4 years — the startup is failing and bankruptcy is just around the corner. This story is not about a phenomenal recovery from the ashes to the skies —…

Startup Tips to change your perspective

I tried a lot of solutions to finally end up with WordPress. Here is what I’ve learned.

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When I started my last startup I had a very clear goal in mind — create a marketplace for students to rate and find best tutors around themselves. I knew my target audience and I was solving my own pain-points by creating this product. Everything looked pretty straight-forward. As you may have guessed, it was nor straight nor forward and after a lot of lessons and costly mistakes I ended up with WooCommerce and Wordpress. Here’s what I’ve learned and how you can avoid my mistakes.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The Agency

When I came up with the idea, I was…

Not sure whether to go to WebSummit? Learn from my experience.


2019 was a year of learning. I experienced and learned a ton throughout the year, but one event stood out in particular – WebSummit. Not only because it’s the biggest conference like that in the world, but because of how much perspective it gave me. I saw some amazing startups, had a sweet time pitching on stage, got cool swag, met fascinating people and overall I had a blaze of a time.

Now it might sound like it’s the must-go-to event of the year. You should already buy tickets, book the flights… Not so fast. Although I personally loved it…

Startup tips everyone should know

Don’t take money from them— this could be the beginning of a nightmare.

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Hurray! You’ve got a great business idea, your team is solid, clients are interested and it is time to get your rocket into outer space. Now you need fuel for your rocket and that fuel is money.

Raising capital is one of the hardest and most interesting parts of the startup journey. It’s surrounded by a mist of unknown and for first-time entrepreneurs may look terrifying. And it is terrifying if you don’t understand how it works and why people invest. If you do, it’s not too scary, yet it’s full of traps.

If you’re on the hype-train or worst…

If I had known them before, I might have never opened a C-corp in the first place.


The feeling when you open your first company is great. It legitimizes your business to the world, your father and your tinder dates. You’re officially a startup CEO/CTO/CFO or whatever other C-title, you wish for. Unfortunately, it’s not all that easy and amazing. I learned it the hard way — through personal experience.

It all started when we got accepted to YC’s Startup School. We started thinking about expanding abroad (although we were not generating revenue in our homeland). It seemed reasonable and, after participating in WebSummit as part of their Alpha program, this belief strengthened further. …

2020/02/26 — we ran out of facemasks

The economy of fear and what we can learn from it

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Last week I had a friend visiting me from Italy. We spend some quality time, and on Tuesday, with not a care in the world, he flew back to Italy. Less than one week later I get a text saying: “I should have stayed at your place. They closed my uni. Italy is in quarantine”.

I don’t particularly follow the news, nor watch TV, thus the fact that the coronavirus is rapidly spreading (itself or the fear of it) in Italy knocked my socks off. It wasn’t the news that got me but rather the reaction to it. News outlets…

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