Many DoWallet users have been asking us:

What's up with these high miner fees of around $3 per transaction?? Why are my transactions taking forever to confirm??? Why is Bitcoin going up so much??

There are loads of fantastic articles (here's a good one from Coindesk) and videos explaining what the "Halvening" is and why it's happening from a technical perspective. But to sum it up:

Rewards for Bitcoin miners to confirm transactions are being cut by half. This means that it may become unprofitable for many many of computers mining today to keep on doing that.


Miner fees go up. Or Bitcoin prices go above $13,000, so that they can keep on breaking even with their electricity costs.

Many are calling this price movement a "pump" by the mining community, using their Bitcoin stocks to borrow more money to buy more Bitcoin.

Others are saying that the fact that since supply…

We are proud to announce today that DoWallet users will now be able to receive, store, and send some of the most exciting tokens in this ecosystem.

Some of the most exciting projects in digital assets and blockchain are based on the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. We are proud to announce today that DoWallet users will now be able to receive, store, and send some of the most exciting tokens in this ecosystem. We are adding tokens on a one-by-one basis based on projects that we support and find most useful for our users and as our community requests them, add more on the go.

Here are the tokens that we will be available in this next version and why we like them.

Maker Dao

Everything you need to know to hold your own in 95% of conversations about crypto

In 2008, two major movements branched out from the aftermath of the collapse of the banks: The Fintech Movement and the Crypto Movement.

  • Fintech, literally meaning ‘Financial Technology’ used new tech and leaner structures to fill in the gaps left by the big banks after the collapse- stuff that was too expensive for them to do with greater regulations and onerous legacy systems.
  • Crypto, instead, said, “Screw this! Clean slate!” Banks are extortionate, monopolistic intermediaries that charge to move your own money. Central Banks can issue infinite money at will.


Bitcoin, the first crypto, created by Satoshi Nakamoto when he…

Below is our press release announcing the new Buy Crypto feature for DoWallet in partnership with Wyre. Now users can have a seamless, low cost experience buying crypto with a debit card and taking immediate custodianship of it (unlike having to wait 5 to 20 days to send out your crypto from some exchanges).

This is particularly newsworthy for us because we’ve been in conversations with multiple providers of on-ramps in the past 6 months. We are sticklers for our users’ experience, and it has been difficult to find widgets and APIs that we deemed good enough. …

Googling this question results in various types of answers, none of which truly satisfied me. The organic answers are mostly around market caps for crypto or numbers of wallets in the market. What I really wanted to know is how much wealth is the market generating for the companies operating in this industry. More specifically, and excluding appreciation of crypto assets, I wanted to know how much are companies in the space earning in Revenues and Fees.

Since I couldn’t find an answer that satisfied me, I decided to calculate some on my own, understanding that this is back-of-the-envelope, prone to change with market swings, and based on macro assumptions. This is an attempt to get a quick understanding of the order of magnitude of the different major revenue streams being generated in the cryptocurrency market, starting with Trading- the buying and selling of crypto which composes the bulk of the market today.

Centralized Exchanges: US$ 12.8 BILLION Fun fact: the vast majority of crypto activity happens “off-chain”, that means in the hands of custodian exchanges /…

Many of our DoWallet users have reached out to us via our customer support asking if we have any insights into what is driving this latest Bitcoin rally that has tested $9,000 last week.

While it is hard to pinpoint what has driven this latest phenomenon here are three of the top potential reasons that we have been observing and hearing in the past month.

1. Institutional Investors are starting to come in…
It is no secret that Fidelity, Bakkt (NY Stock Exchange-backed), and Coinbase are launching (or have launched) massive digital asset custodian arms. The two major news pieces in the past weeks that have indicated that we are close to seeing a massive influx of institutional money into the crypto asset class:

  • A Fidelity poll with institutional investors revealed that 47% of…

DoWallet is proud to announce our latest release of our app, featuring a streamlined onboarding process that allows new users to set up their new crypto wallets in seconds!

We listened to our users’ feedback and simplified the process to get started taking full custody of your crypto assets — all while keeping the security and privacy that our users have come to expect of DoWallet.

Even more exciting is our new signup for Coinbase users! With a simple click of a button, users can use their Coinbase credentials to automatically create their DoWallet account AND monitor their Coinbase balances from the app! Taking control of your crypto has never been easier.

At DoWallet we believe that managing your crypto is no different from managing your other assets. Do…

There are no stupid questions when it comes to crypto, Bitcoin, or blockchain, in general. Based on our research 7 out of 10 crypto holders were unable to differentiate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and 8 out of 10 had little understanding of the significance of blockchain to how we will do finance in a decentralized fashion. So, in order to answer the title question on how to find the best Bitcoin wallet we need to break things down into more foundational questions.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency that…

Since launching DoWallet ( a few weeks ago, we have had the great privilege (and stress) of witnessing an incredible phenomenon up close — the consumers’ shift to a reality of decentralized custodianship and the growing pains associated with it. In simpler terms — we had to solve a bunch of customer support issues.

Some of these stemmed from questions about our features, like issues in connecting to their crypto exchange accounts, like Kraken or Binance (Binance). …

It’s official — we have unleashed DoWallet into the world!

You can finally download and get your hands on what some Blockchain insiders have told us is the best wallet they’ve seen. Some of the features our Beta users have loved include:

  • Availability in 37 languages and 100+ fiat currencies, designed for a global market
  • Ability to connect directly to major crypto exchange accounts for real-time balances
  • Multi-wallets for each supported currency — Send and Receive BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH to start
  • Real-time market charts and news
  • Anti-Phishing filters
  • and many, many more

We understand that revolutions don’t happen overnight, or kicked off with an awesome launch party at…

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