You might if you understand this single-page application’s code.

As I step into the Ruby on Rails development arena at Flatiron School, there are moments where I feel like I am hanging on by a thread.

Everyday, some new concept, tool, or framework is presented and quickly reviewed before we need to implement it in an application. …

A quick summary of rails sessions and when and when not to use them.

We’ve all seen this message, usually when we are on a site filling out forms that deal with sensitive and/or personal information. It’s easy to discern that this is a security measure meant to keep our information safe, why else create this inconvenience?

What is a Session?

A session is…

10 of the best applications built using Ruby.

I recently started a web-dev coding bootcamp at New York’s Flatiron School. The course offerings include Javascript, HTML/CSS, Swift, SQLite, with a primary focus on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. …

An introduction to effective altruism, and the best ways to determine if your donations are worth-while.

Consider this scenario: you hear a story about a blind man here in America, whose seeing-eye dog got hit by a car. He has cancer and his treatment bills prevent him from being able to get a new dog. This is an incredibly sad story.

Now consider this: Tens of…

Jacob Dowd

Early-days coder. Aspiring tech entrepreneur. Development and recovery are my life.

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