Content & Distribution are kings now

We are you online?

A few years ago, if you wanted to create some ads to promote your new brand, you’d spend a lot of money on marketing and media. Today, you just need a smartphone, record a 2 minutes snap and run it on Facebook. That’s it, and it costs… quite nothing!

But, publishing one content one day, and then stopping it… that’s not enough. Thinking like a real media freelance/company, means that you need to focus on content & distribution. Otherwise, it will be difficult to build a brand online, if you’re nowhere :/

But quantity doesn’t mean quality: focus on engagement, think about your audience. Deliver different types of content: images, videos, photo albums, animated gif… Keep focusing on visuals.

Share content, and people will find you!

KISS principle: “Keep it Simple, Stupid!”

Why keeping focusing on visuals? Because this is what people expect! One content, one idea, one aim. One content, simple to read or towatch. This will help you to create real engagement and keep & earn fans/followers.

That’s what Dowizz do. We help you — companies/freelancers- to aggregate your visual datas online, to help you improving your business value.

Keep in mind that on your Dowizz’page, people will find some exclusive content, photos and videos.

So they’ll check back often to follow your life!