Waiting For Ghosts: In Defense Of Cooking
Jen Sanfilippo

Love this! I grew up watching my Italian mother and grandmother cook everything. I didn’t realize that things like pre-chopped garlic existed until last year!

The first time I had my future (now current) mother-in-law over for dinner, it was Christmas Eve and I made a turkey with all the sides. When she asked what brand of gravy I served, I said, “Well, I made it from scratch.” She replied, “Really? I only use the one in the can.” My father responded “I think I can hear your Italian grandmother rolling over in her grave.”

Cooking is important for many things — good physical health, good mental health, improved relationships with spouses and kids, carrying on family and cultural traditions — I could go on. I am always amazed when I hear people say they “can’t cook” — if you can read, you can cook. It’s call a “recipe”!

Great post!

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