In the Dorm, Under the Covers

Kate was very sexually active. Promiscuous may be the proper word. Though not technically a nymphomaniac like my Lo — since Kate’s sexual activity was not lacking control, characterized by a continuous need, compulsive, or accompanied by self-contempt — Kate was a woman who knew what she wanted and had the looks to get it. As a result, many nights of Lo’s first semester of freshman year were spent in her dorm room twin bed across the small 10’ wide room from Kate’s twin bed, pretending to be asleep as Kate took various lovers in her arms and between her legs. Lo would lie there in the cloak of darkness with eyes wide open watching her roommate toss and turn under the sheets, moaning and groaning. As the semester wore on Kate became less and less modest about her sexual exploits in the room. She furtively, over a series of nights, went from rollicking beneath the sheets to letting the sheets fall from the bed, to getting out of the bed and going down on the guy she was with, kneeling on the floor, to bending herself over her bedside while the man rhythmically pounded her from behind. On each of these occasions it was impossible for Lo to sleep, of course, but rather than be annoyed by this inconsiderate behavior, Lo secretly thanked her lucky stars that she had live-action visual aids for her to stroke her pussy to and rub out orgasm after orgasm throughout the night.

At this time in her life Lo was too bashful (believe it or not) to be forthcoming about her cumming. She kept her private pleasuring to herself, but Kate, of course, had suspicions of Lo’s midnight activities. No one could be that sound of a sleeper. So, one night, just to test the boundaries of Lo’s slumbers and her friendship, Kate rolled out of bed with her lover of the night and perched herself over the side of Lo’s bed, her face just inches away from Lo’s as the guy rammed her from behind. Lo could no longer pretend and so she opened her eyes and said, feigning surprise, “Kate, what are you doing?” Kate simply said, “Shhhh,” and kissed Lo on the lips. At this Lo’s juices flowed into her bed uncontrollably. Kate pulled down Lo’s sheets and turned Lo’s legs to the side of the bed and then she proceeded to bury her face in Lo’s moist and aching pussy.

[Excerpt from the story, “Self-Help,” from the blog:]