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Wicked Wisdom


Lo’s curiosity and autodidactic abilities were turned to knowledge in the Biblical sense. This love of wicked wisdom set Lo on a life-long journey that would take her to the farthest and most exotic ends of the earth where she studied the art of tantric yoga and the sacred Vajrayana or Diamond Vehicle of Buddhism.

Returning to the States, she then embarked upon a career in empowering women through helping them to gain an understanding of the all-too-secret society of their sex and sexuality. The real aim of Buddhism, nirvana, could best be translated as “liberation.” So my Lo is a true activist in the field of women’s liberation. In addition to the overt political aspects of this liberation, Lo focuses on the inner, inward, spiritual, and physical dimension of her liberation theology. These include the meditative practices of self-pleasuring, pleasuring others, and tearing down barriers and inhibitions to the self. This last aspect involves transgression (of many commonly held taboos) and that transgression may take the shape of transgendering everything from roles to clothes to the particular incarnation one inhabits.

This all may sound quite contrary to the overt and exoteric understanding of Buddhism — the denial of the self, the disavowing of pleasures (especially pleasures of the self), the detached attitude to life and all its transient forms — but, though antithetical to all of that, one finds that, as with the furthest distance from oneself on the globe (which is merely an inch in front or behind you), the esoteric approach achieves the very same goal as the exoteric: the loss of self through the indulging and delighting in the self, our corporeal nature, and profound involvement with the world.

There is not time here to go into length about all of this — and even if there were, one cannot understand it on a theoretical level alone, but one must experience it in its fullness and joy. To that end Lo has created her own sangha (or spiritual group) of women with whom to explore these ancient practices and, more recently, she and I have contemplated a group for couples interested in more fulfilling sexual and spiritual encounters with and through their bodies.

[Excerpt from the story, “Liberation Theology Begins With The Self,” as found in the book, Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume I: Nymphomania and the Single Girl]