Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

I loved this succinct bit from Lars von Trier, Political correctness definition in “Nymphomaniac Part II” (censored Netflix version!):

“I think society would say that political correctness is a very precise expression for the democratic concern for minorities.”

“And I say that society is as cowardly as the people in it — who in my opinion are also too stupid for democracy.”

So, “democratic concern for minorities,” say, PTSD survivors like some of your letter-writers. We, as the majority group with power and voices and thicker skins, will take adequate consideration to encourage democratic participation by the marginal, thin-skinned, scrambling and powerless many or few. What does that cost? It costs a lot, and you don’t want to pay.

Let’s say it means identifying with those who are just surviving, have no resources to absorb Marx. Maybe it means identifying with those who exhibit the nervous power struggle of pretentious behaviour, the aspirational middle. Could it mean welcoming those whose behaviour is “too stupid for democracy,” the self-righteously blind folks who tromple over safe spaces as fake refugees, fleeing the oppressive society that creates refuge for [Not Me]?

I was watching a video compilation of ‘greatest hockey hits’ earlier, where guys (NHL, all guys) are careening down the ice and then are ‘hit’ by an opposing player — 60 to 0 in half a second. A common denominator in the most spectacular hits was that the ‘hittees’ never saw it coming. They had the puck and were flying — and then, out of nowhere they were flattened. That’s you, flying past and away from your defence (whomever you spoke for at the shelter it sounds like you maybe work at?), deking between “[label this]” and “[label that]” with your puck/argument, and it’s only because you actually aren’t aware of everyone on the ice that you’re going to get hit.

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