Register for the Halloween Drive-Thru Trunk or Treat event on Saturday, October 31 from 4–6p.

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To RSVP click here Eventbrite

“It is our hope for this event to provide community building and a touch 2020 Halloween normalcy for the kids,” said Kim Hills, Downtown Development Authority (DDA). “We are asking all participants to RSVP (link below) for the event in order for us to ensure we have enough treats to giveaway.”

Please note that:

  1. NO WALK UP TRICK OR TREATERS will be allowed.
  2. Everyone in each vehicle is required to wear a mask (except children 2 and under). If you fail to wear masks in car, candy will not be given out until everyone is wearing has one on.

Eventbrite to RSVP:

Food & Drink

If you are in the vicinity of Biscayne Blvd, Avenue 3 or Second Avenue, here are some options. Compiled by Islara Souto and Aurea Veras.

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Sagrado Cafe
900 Biscayne Blvd, Downtown Miami, FL 33132

900 Biscayne Blvd, Downtown Miami, FL 33132

BAYSIDE Marketplace
401 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132

Toro Toro
100 Chopin Plz, Miami, FL 331311

Novikov Miami
300 S Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33131

Area 31
270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131

139 NE 3RD Ave, MIAMI, FL 33132

105 NE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33132

Sedici Cafe Grill
16 NE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33132–2512

Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue …

Cultural Compass

book fairs offer the opportunity to pick up that book everyone is talking about, and discover lesser known gems. Learn about an international bestseller everyone is talking about, and much more.

Every fall brings a new harvest of books, and the epitome of literary celebration is the Miami Book Fair. Hundreds of authors flock to the Magic City to share their latest work. 2020 is no exception but for a little twist: it’s going virtual. Or, said the Fair’s co-founder, Mitch Kaplan, it’s like Netflix for books. Whatever the format, book fairs offer the opportunity to, indeed, pick up that book everyone is talking about, and discover lesser known gems. Downtown News selected an international bestseller, five Florida books, a Business Communications guide, and the memoir of a rock and roller.

International Bestseller

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The Lying Lives of Adults, by Elena Ferrante (Europa).
Giovanna’s pretty face is turning ugly, her father thinks. Giovanna, he says, looks more like Aunt Vittoria. But can it be true? Is she really changing? Is she turning into her Aunt Vittoria, a woman she hardly knows but whom her mother and father despise? …

Talk of Downtown

City of Miami Commissioner and Chairman of the Downtown Development Authority Manolo Reyes in conversation with Aaron DeMayo, Matilda Kalaveshi and Raul Guerrero.

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Commissioner Manolo Reyes is an affable septuagenarian gentleman, which adds perspective to his words, and nostalgia. When he first arrived in Miami, he recalls, downtown was the economic and cultural epicenter for Miami-Dade and beyond. Before all the mega-malls were built, people came shopping to Flagler Street, as they did to watch a movie. He recalls walking past Biscayne Boulevard to a Bayfront Park with an uninterrupted view of the Bay. “Not only did Miamians flock to downtown; people from all over Latin America came shopping along Flagler Street. Then things deteriorated. Malls were built and people stopped driving downtown. …

From the Editor

Downtown News honors and celebrates Downtown women who make a difference, and stand as role models. And you will find the popular staples: In Brief, Opinion Page, Talk of Downtown, Food & Drink, and Cultural Compass.

I will start with a rather immodest display of praise for the work we do at Downtown News. One resident wrote: “Downtown is so much better informed, cohesive and now has a sense of community pride since Downtown News appeared on the scene. Keep doing what you do so very well.” Another downtown resident commented on the article Crimes & Misdemeanors, which chronicles downtown homelessness: “Raul, excellent article. You accurately captured the complexities of the issue.”

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Freedom Tower, Downtown Miami. Photo, Aurea Veras. Here is the link to Downtown News November digital edition.

Thank you both. But the only credit due is for having organized a team of citizen-journalists that perfectly complement the objectives of the Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA) and the Downtown Arts + Science Salon. …

Cultural Compass

November 15–22, 2020. The great festival for book lovers is going virtual this year, and it promises to be sensational. So said Mitch Kaplan, the Fair’s co-founder. “Netflix for books. You can attend live events, or watch the recordings on demand. And it’s free.”

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More than 300 authors will participate, including Margaret Atwood, Richard Ford, Kevin Kwan; Joyce Carol Oates; Terry McMillan; Mary Gordon; Nelson Georg, Claudia Rankine; P.J. O’Rourke; Anthony DePalma; Erin Brockovich.

Books presented will be available for sale through Books & Books. Director of Programs Lissette Mendez added: “Our mission is to engage the community through inclusive, accessible programs that promote reading and support writers. Though online, we still are the Miami Book Fair.”

One feature that makes the Miami Book Fair unique is the diversity of its programming: Ethnic, language, generational, regional, and genre (from literary fiction, comics, nonfiction and audio to a great selection of Children’ books and events.” …

App to Detect Covid-19. Motorcycles and ATVs. Elections. Quotes. All in under 140 words.

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More info:

App to Detect Covid-19

The app for smartphones alerts the proximity of a person who has tested positive for Covid-19. It’s called the CombatCOVID MDC app, issued by Miami-Dade County government, and it’s free. The app user’s privacy and identity are protected (no names, email addresses, locations or personally identifying information is required or acquired). Personal identity or phone number is never revealed. “This app would be beneficial to help curb the pandemic in dense areas, such as downtown Miami,” reported Islara Souto. Available in English, Spanish and Creole. More info:

Motorcycles and ATVs

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7 NNEWS MIAMI reported back in January, during the Wheels Up Guns Down Rally. This is a recurrent scene along Biscayne Blvd., Downtown Miami.

Around 7:00pm, usually on Saturdays, at least 50- 75 motorcycles and ATVs take over. “Going in and around our traffic, running stop lights and performing wheelies. I have reported it on multiple occasions to 911 and the answer is always the same: If we try to do anything it will create a safety hazard. Then why can Miami Beach do something about it? I recently saw on a local news program that when the same thing happened on Washington Ave in Miami Beach the police made arrests and confiscated vehicles. Why can’t Miami Police do the same? Park West resident Michael Feuling asks. His questions were extended to Police Commander Antonio Regueira at a DNA Zoom meeting. He promised to put an end to the lawless activity, deploying, he said, dozens of officers, whatever resources are necessary. …


A conference designed to educate and move to action South Florida high school students.

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LCCW Registration Form

Leading Change in a Covid World is an interactive, virtual conference to be held on Saturday, November 14th from 9–1:30 pm. It is sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Miami and Perrine-Cutler Ridge Palmetto Bay and the Rotaract Clubs from FIU Medical School and Miami-Dade College. The conference is designed to educate and move to action South Florida high school students desiring to bring positive change to our Covid world.

The General Sessions will be led and facilitated by community professionals who will present and discuss strategies to cope with Covid-related mental health issues, essential conflict resolution skills and the importance of embracing resilience going forward. A group community project, open to all participating students, will be introduced by Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) students from MDC — Homestead incorporating learned skills from the event. …

Business Report

As this pandemic washes over us, studies indicate that many closet entrepreneurs have finally made the decision to turn their ideas into reality. But is this the right time to start a new venture? Matilda Kalaveshi addresses this question in an insightful take on small businesses and the fashion industry in Downtown Miami.

According to the Small Business Administration site, the US is home to over 3 million small businesses accounting for over 99% of the total businesses in our country. Small business is a major driver of our economy and will play a pivotal role in the recovery process. As this pandemic washes over us, studies indicate that many closet entrepreneurs have finally made the decision to turn their ideas into reality. One might wonder if this is the right time to start a new venture. Is it a fool’s errand or a stroke of genius? As Sun Tzu said: “Opportunity lies in the midst of chaos”. …


“Offering a job to the homeless was part of my original plan to give back. An easy job like handing out flyers. I did not expect their reaction.” A gripping eyewitness account by Christina W.

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Homeless woman in the streets of downtown. Photo, Aurea Veras.

We see them sleeping on sidewalks, panhandling on street corners and immediately we feel empathy and sympathy. Back in 2008, as the PR manager and spokesperson of a local icon company, we chose homelessness as our cause to support that year. I recall how proud I was that we raised awareness and funding. But as it turns out, I knew almost nothing.

A year later I started my own company specializing in tourism. Offering a job to the homeless was part of my original plan to give back. An easy job like handing out flyers. I did not expect their reaction. They laughed at me. First, they boasted they earned more by panhandling. Secondly, in South Beach I discovered how one’s car was towed within 10 minutes of illegally parking. The homeless tipped off the towing companies and made their cut of $80+. …


Downtown NEWS

A Multimedia publication exclusively focused on Downtown Miami.

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