10 resolutions: writing prompt no. 1

“Write a list of ten resolutions you have for yourself right now.”

1. Resolutions are never easy, so I will make this easier for myself: dear me — whatever you resolve to do now, so long as it is relevant to your life, is worth putting to the test. See it through, just as I am now.

2. Live within the realm of your conscious mind. Do not diminish and take from the richness of your present moments, with memories best left forgotten and a future that is still in your hands to create. Direct your consciousness to all that is beautiful and sublime; amuse yourself with the wonder of having realized that the secret to living your life, is living it as it happens — now.

3. Please don’t juxtapose perfection, with possibility. Appreciate everything as it is; everyone as they are. Including yourself.

4. Let your heart be a vessel replete with gratitude. Of all things to marvel at, comes gratitude; a space in your heart that fills and fills, until it reaches your entire being and you almost overflow with the realization that your life, as it is, is only abundance and blessings.

5. Set aside time daily for the remembrance of the Divine, and talk to those you cherish. You do have time, although you may not always agree.

6. Set aside time for yourself. Whether it is simply relaxing while you make tea, taking a walk, reading something that catches your fancy, or taking five minutes to collect your thoughts. Remember on your busiest days that you are not a machine, and that bringing your full self to tasks and interactions at hand requires that you combat drained-ness by recharging.

7. With all these resolutions related to time, resolve to also recall this: that time is simply a medium in which you must make and occupy with what is meaningful. If something lacks meaning, and is only done out of habit, do away with it.

8. Speak of and share good.

9. Don’t ever change yourself for anyone, except yourself.

10. Do one act of conscious, effortful kindness for others daily. Know that a kind word from the heart is good enough too.