Pros and Cons of Using an Architect

Alex Thomos
3 min readOct 26, 2016


If you are looking for an Architectural designer Dublin, you need to look no further than Doyle + Partners. This article is going to discuss the pros and cons of using an architect for your next project.

Hiring an architect for their full services can be expensive and if you have a large project, it may very well be worth the expense. If you have a simple project, it will likely be more cost effective to hire an architect for just the service you need.


An architect is going to keep an eye on the contractors and workmanship throughout your project. The architect has a responsibility to you in their contract.

  • Your Dublin architectural designer is going to give you a better design. It is very likely that they are going to produce a more interesting and creative design work. They are also going to create a highly functional floor plan, good natural lighting and ventilation.
  • Using an architect will help to avoid design errors common in plan books or with inexperienced designers.
  • The architect will use detailed plans in order to provide a clear guide to contractors and clients.
  • Contractors are going to know what they are bidding on and you know what you are getting.
  • You will get well-written specifications that are going to require that materials and workmanship meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Your architect will recommend qualified contractors.
  • The architect will take care of the tough aspects of contract negotiations for you which will help you to keep a friendly and cooperative relationship with your contractor.


Just as there are pros on hiring an architect for you next project, there are also some cons of hiring an architect:

  • Hiring an architect can be expensive.
  • Some architects are going to drive up their costs with custom products and materials. An architect wants to make things looks very good and they are very detailed in exactly want they expect as a final product.
  • Some architects are not practical in their designs, meaning that they are not realistic about costs. If costs are a major factor to you, you need to make sure the architect is putting everything into the budget.
  • You need to make sure that your architect does not create sketchy plans without clear details and specifications for the contractor which can lead to bidding confusion, change of orders and up charges. Make sure that everything is put into the architectural plans.
  • Architects are not going to be liable for errors and omissions in their plans.
  • Architects are also not liable for construction defects.


When you are ready for an Architectural designer Dublin to help you with your next design project, you need to contact Doyle + Partners. Before you do go ahead with hiring an architect, you need to know what the pros and cons are going to be. Most times, what is going to sell you if you need an architect is going to be the price and service you receive.

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