3 Seconds Of Opportunity — Strategic Micro-moments of Decisions; How Your Voice Will Disrupt SEO; Changing Landscape of Facebook

Find out the most significant digital trends, insights and strategies for a successful digital business in my weekly “State of Digital” Facebook Live Series.

This week I’m talking about the decisive micro-moments for your customers that affect your conversions, how your voice is disrupting search and SEO, and how Facebook is changing what you can promote.

State of Digital 2017 09 04

Welcome to the Digital Leadership Facebook Live series. I’m Doyle Buehler, and my goal is to help you better understand and pursue what matters most in your digital business, and how to make a difference with your digital strategy through enhancing and embracing your digital leadership. I help enterprise and entrepreneurs scale, grow and disrupt their business and sales through digital leadership, and I’m the author of the book on digital strategy — The Digital Delusion. The overall purpose? To answer the one important question, “What Real world digital strategies actually work for my business?” Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but the goal here is to help you decide which strategies can work best for you.

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Micro-moments for your customers. How small decisions affect the overall outcome of whether or not customers will stick with you or move on. And, you only have 3 seconds — so check your site. And, as usual, Google is looking to create the best experience, so make sure you test you site (link below) and optimise it accordingly for mobile.

How your voice will disrupt search and SEO, and how you can help your audience with better use of language and location, as well as the ‘micromoments’. Look at implementing deeper long tail keyword use, how people will actually search with their voice, and focus on mobile experience.


How Facebook is changing what you can promote and where you can send people. No, you won’t be able to ‘boost’ everything. Yes, it was an easy way to get into Facebook Ads, but now you’re going to have to put your thinking cap on, to get the best results.

Here’s what you’ll need to look at to create the better experience and optimise for conversions (via Adleaks.com)

Watch the Facebook Live Video Replay Here

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