What Do Startups Need To Scale And Grow? No, It’s Not Always Just Money.

“It’s easy to get into business — it’s difficult to be successful in business” — Rivers Corbett

Today on my Digital Leadership #breakthrough Guest — I’m talking with the amazing Rivers Corbett, who has been taking startups, entrepreneurs and businesses through the paces to help them all grow and scale.

Digital Leadership #Breakthrough — Guest Rivers Corbett 2017 09 13

Most entrepreneurs think they can do it themselves, but can’t — you may be good at something, but that is just a technical skill — it is beyond the technician side. It is one out of 100 skills that you actually need to start grow and scale a business.

Yes, this is the bitter truth — we think we know everything, yet many businesses meet in failure simply because of this reason — we do not know everything.

Professional sports players have coaches, yet most ‘professional’ entrepreneurs don’t… see what this all means?

They have the technical skill, not the business skills. You’re born a human, but you still need your parents to help you; you’re born a ‘technician’, but you still need someone or something to support you in your journey. Getting over the mindset that you can and must do everything to grow your business.

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Key Points From Our Conversation

  • Entrepreneurship is one of the most important aspects in society — in what they do and how they create economic value.
  • Don’t just create to sell — need to create a profitable company, not just revenue
  • Learn how to create value — it’s not just about Intellectual property
  • Learn the rules of business and get to first base — grand slams don’t always win the game
  • The Top of the top — top performing athletes have a coach, and have other people helping them — towards your overall success
  • Most people don’t get coaches, because the price point seems quite high, especially when you’re starting

About Rivers Corbett and How To Find Him

Rivers works a lot with Startup Canada for the empowerment of entrepreneurs and startups across Canada.

Developing a special mastermind program to help entrepreneurs fill in the skills and capabilities gap.



Watch The Video Replay Here

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