Trump & the Press: A Murder-Suicide Pact
Jeff Jarvis

Well said Jeff, I think it is time that the mass media dies it has had a good run, the internet, Facebook, twitter and trump have just been a catalyst to its decline.

Once upon a time the mass media told us what to think, with the rise of the internet and more notably Facebook then communities have been built, independent thoughts forged and build upon, to the point where they feel comfortable within your own community but extremist to the next.

Conservatives thrive in this self confirming environment where liberals are against it. But then liberals love the dream of a open and free internet that services all equally. This paradox is causing the love and hate of online communities.

Totally agree that it companies like Facebook need to stand up and start making strives to make us understand each other point of view more rather than accelerating that single communities point of view.

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