Meet the Man Who Has Harassed My Daughter for YEARS (off and on)

Meet Sidney Collier

Sidney has decided my daughter is the only woman for him, despite her telling him (repeatedly) to stop contacting her. He continues to reach out, and has made multiple, serial Facebook accounts to message her (she blocked him, and he was unable to, so of course, he just made more accounts to circumvent the block). I have messaged his father TWICE to get him to back off, the last message was sent today. I messaged this creepy fucker and told him if he contacts my daughter again, he’d better secure a good criminal defense attorney. This behavior is sexual harassment, online harassment, and resembles the men we read about in the news, AFTER they have killed someone (Elliot Rodger ring a bell).


Pay attention to the date stamps above. This was over several months. She has receipts going back YEARS. So no, I don’t give a single fuck if this goes viral. I don’t care if you lose your job. You need help, Collier. You need an intervention.