The hardest part about writing every day

Is sitting down the freaking write.

Photo by Sorin Sîrbu on Unsplash

It’s 10:23pm, I’m exhausted, sick (head cold), I have zero ideas and don’t really want to write.

Yet, here I am.

  • Do I have a super power?
  • Have I discovered the magic secret sauce of conquering writer’s block?
  • Did I sit long enough and finally thought of a great idea worth writing about?

No. I wrote.

The super secret magic formula to conquering writer’s block is finally revealed: sit your butt down and start writing.

I’ve heart Seth Godin say this a million times: Write bad stuff. Keep writing bad stuff until something good and useful eventually comes out.

It’s great advice in my experience, but there’s something missing from this solution: Finding the motivation to actually start writing.

It’s easy, right this second, for me to keep typing on my phone (woah woah woah….it’s via a Logitech Bluetooth keyword, calm down. Also, affiliate link.)…as my fingers are already sitting on the keyword, Medium is open, I started writing about my crappy sick day…and now the ideas are flowing.

20 mins ago BEFORE I started writing, the ideas were definitely not flowing.

How to find the motivation to sit and write.

You may not like this…

You can’t. Sometimes. Maybe a lot of times. You just can’t find motivation to sit at your laptop when you DON’T have something you’re super fired up about and ready to write on.

When you are jazzed about something, this isn’t an issue.

  • It’s when your blog starts to become a 2nd job…
  • It’s when you regret even starting a novel/book
  • It’s when it’s late, your tired, and you could probably just get some extra work in tomorrow something before your workout.

Screw that. Sit down and start typing.

The hardest part about writing is finding the motivation to sit down and start writing.

Working out is a hella lot easier once you’re already in the gym.

A trip to the dentist is more endurable once you’re already in the chair (well, maybe)

Ideas start flowing once you’ve begun writing.

So next time you’re feeling like me: unmotivated with zero ideas and burdened with exhaustion…

Sit down to write anyways, and just start typing.

Good or bad, do the work.

Do the work and let the fails or successes come as they may.

Pete McPherson is a blogger and entrepreneur at Do You Even Blog, where he interviews world-class bloggers and, you guessed it, entrepreneur.