So Folake and I just agreed to start a 30-day writing challenge.

*slow clap*

Because I’m not too ashamed to congratulate myself (and because I’ve recently fallen into the ridiculously addictive habit of saying 'Nice one' while doing the slow clap at any given opportunity).

Anyway, I’m quite proud of myself for venturing thus. You see, the first challenge is spontaneity. And the first victory has already been recorded by the mere fact of me starting this post.

So I want to dedicate this initial victory to my wife and kids…lol I mean my goons Uche, Spice, Bulldog, Kazeem, my friends Nene, Ugochi, Seyi, Henry, Amobi, Adeline, and most of all Folake.

I have exactly thirty days to explain my reasons for mentioning these particular people to you, my reader, and I intend to make it spectacularly worth your while. They’re all my heroes - men and women who have contributed in assorted astounding ways to making 2016 a memorable year for me.

Don’t doubt for a minute that these 30 days will be spectacular. Rather, lament the briefness of this first post.

I’m doing the barest minimum tonight because it’s past 11pm on a Monday night and I’m already settled into my happy place. Yes, you want to know this tidbit. And yes, you’re required to mourn the opportunity cost of yours truly choosing my comfort over your entertainment at this instant.

But it’s also because Folake sent me a late (and might I also add, wrong) brief. She’ll rake and rail and call me a lying bastard when she sees this but unfortunately it’s my blog and we are all pencils in the hand of the creator.

So until tomorrow, stay blessed, nurture great friendships, and join the righteous struggle against DSTV’s Zee world.