Stop Reading, and Do Something!

That article was great! I’m motivated!… But, what’s next?

You’ve read countless Medium Articles, watch endless Gary Vaynerchuk Videos, listen to amazing Podcasts, follow inspiring entrepreneurs on Twitter, you look for inspiration everywhere you can. But you’re sitting there reading this, not making any progress.

You tell yourself that as soon as you’re done reading this or that, you’re going to go out and be productive! You’re going to take the advice and apply it to your life and be successful! But tomorrow you’re back to reading articles, listening to advice, and searching for inspiration… again… and again…

A False Sense of Accomplishment

This endless loop is fueled by a false sense of accomplishment that you feel for reading that article, watching that inspiring message, or lazily applying that technique to your life/routine. We pat ourselves on the back for caring, and knowing that, one day we will apply all this knowledge to something and really knock it out of the park!

Make Today Count

Today, I read this Article by Todd Brison. The takeaway of this article is to ‘Do ONE thing’, and by introducing one thing at a time into your routine, you will keep from being overwhelmed and will create successful habits.

This is something I have been practicing for the last few months, and this is how I do it:

  1. Create a Recurring Task TODAY (I use Todoist), of a habit that you want to introduce.
  2. EVERY DAY, check your agenda and do EVERYTHING on that list.
  3. When you find yourself opening the agenda JUST to check that new habit off, it’s time to introduce your next habit.

If you find, yourself unable to check an item off, reevaluate it. Introduce something obtainable. Want to start writing more? Forget trying to write a blog post every week, write 20 minutes a day. Want to start reading more? Forget trying to read a book a week, read 20 minutes a day. As you grow, you will grow your goals.

Progress is motivation, and if you’re aren’t making any, it is time to reevaluate the obtainability of the goals you have set.

Create Actionable Items

Don’t JUST read this article, recommend it, and share it. Create an Actionable Item from it, RIGHT NOW. DO Something TODAY, because of what you read RIGHT NOW. Stop just reading, and do something.