Dear Bookshelf….

You looked so good out on display,
sturdy, proud and strong.
“I can do that” I heard me say,
“How can anything go wrong?”
So the boxes were delivered,
it seemed such an easy task.
I just need clear instructions please,
is that too much to ask?
You’ve only got three shelves my friend,
so, why so many bits?
and most of all why isn’t there,
 a single piece that fits?
I’ve pondered and I’ve fretted,
but no matter what I do,
some piece of you is back to front
and I’m stuck up with glue!
I took you down three times now,
I’ve gone right back to the start,
I’d chop you up for firewood,
but I haven’t got the heart.
Dear Bookshelf, please, I beg you,
I’ve tried my best you know.
If you’re not up by bedtime,
one of us will have to go…..

Thankfully, not the end product!
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