Who am I kidding?

Me after hitting the Publish button……

As writers we’re often advised, or we tell ourselves, to write for ourselves and not for the plaudits.

I went into the Ninja Writers ‘30 Day Post a Day Challenge’ with this firmly in mind. Telling myself that I’m developing a writing habit, getting the noise out of my head and onto paper or screen, where it belongs. It’s purely an exercise for me, (I said) I’m not really a blogger or a poet, I’m a novelist and this is just writing practise; people may not enjoy what I write and may criticise it, but that’s irrelevant to my purpose. My goal was purely to complete the challenge.

Surprising things have happened in the last 12 days; I’d assumed I would write mainly short stories and lyrical prose. However, I’ve written 5 poems; 4 non fiction blog style posts; 2 short stories and a partly fictional letter (inspired by life) .

So much for not being a poet or a non fiction writer!

I’m learning so much from this process of forcing myself to write and publish every day and I’m really enjoying it.

Who doesn’t love the sight of those little green hearts?
Call me an egotist, but I LOVE that some people are enjoying my daily scribbles (so, I have an ego — it’s not illegal). As for the criticism, everyone’s been very kind and the Ninjas are really supportive ❤


As I lay in bed last night, one word kept popping into my head and distracting me from my meditation “STILL”.

One of the Ninjas had commented on a poem of mine on the Facebook page, they’d written:

“A good piece still”

What does ‘still’ mean? Why not just say a good piece or something more specific?
More importantly, why does it bother me? It was hardly a scathing invective.

It bothers me because:

  1. I wonder what is the intention of the word “still” in this context? (Anyone reading this please, vague criticism is the worst, please let people know what you liked and what you didn’t — we can take it on board, decide we disagree or mentally call you an asshat and move on).
  2. Because another Ninja had just commented and included “WOW” in their remark (I prefer to assume this was an exclamation of appreciation and not disbelief).

It certainly puts paid to my assertion that critics can kiss my author-hole, I admit it, if I was writing purely for my own pleasure I wouldn’t bother publishing at all. I want people to enjoy what I write. I’m kidding no one, so sue me….

To the person who wrote “still”, there’s no judgement here; this isn’t about your comment (I am sure it was genuine and you didn’t mean it to come across ambiguously. :) This post is about my reaction, not the comment itself).