3D scatter plot showing UK schools values for teacher headcount, number of pupils on free meal and IDACI score.

This weekend I wanted to learn a little bit more about Plotly Dash. I wanted to build something quickly with the idea of using real-world data.

So, I come up with a simple cluster analysis of some of the best data sets openly available on the Web: UK schools performances.

This datasets it’s a gold mine of information about schools in UK including:

I also wanted to join this data set with the UK Deprivation Index to show potential correlations between the economics…

I decided to learn Python a little bit more and I needed some data to perform a simple exploratory analysis to practice a bit with Pandas data frames & co.

So I came up with a collection of 79764 tweets collected between 2017–05–09 15:47:36 and 2017–05–19 geo localised within the London bounding box:

{ p1: [-0.489, 51.28] p2: [0.236, 51.686]}

To collect them, I just used a simple Scala/Play app that listens to all geo tagged tweets within a particular area and stores them in a relational db.

The code is open source and can be found here.

Number of tweets by hour

Let’s group…

on real purchasing power across Europe

Inspired by this map about the real value of 100$ in US, I decided to bring back some of R reminiscences and to do a similar exercise for Europe (formally: the 28 EU Member States, 3 member states of the EFTA, five candidate countries and one Western Balkan country).

What are the purchasing power differences within some European countries?

The real value of 100 € in each country in 2015

The values have been computed adjusting the value of 100 € to the Purchasing power parities (PPPs) indexes for each mapped country.

PPPs are indicators of price level differences across countries. …

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