This is the short post about sourcing images and photos for your blog post, that will save you time while sourcing free images.
I recommend a couple of websites that allow searching images with the right permissions.

Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

But first, let`s define generic requirements:

  • High-resolution image
  • License Free
  • Royalty Free
  • Commercial usage

Let’s summarize: The owner tells you can use their image/photo however you want.

There are 2 websites I use the most often:

I simplify things by sourcing only from those two. It saves a lot of time.

Important Tip: Before start searching for your “Hero image”, set a timer only for 5 minutes. If you didn’t select anything, just skip and keep writing.

Just filter the results based on the requirements we already defined. And select the best result.

David Paluy

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