Email is a very time-consuming communication channel that we all have to use. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with a constant need for answering emails.

“Your Email inbox is a to-do list created by other people.”

I am an Inbox-Zero freak since 2010. But I used to spend 1–2…

There are many salespeople approaching my account by sending automated emails. To gain back my productivity and remove this hassle, I did the following hack:

  1. Add a unique character to your personal name, for example, Emoji.
Add unique character

2. Create a filter in your email client that automatically deletes those emails.

Asking the right questions during the interview provides not only useful information about your candidate but also makes a positive impact on your company hiring process.

Sharing a list of great questions to ask your candidates:

  1. What a fantastic day at work looks like?
    While asking this question, you can better…


I aggregated those topics from various sources and my personal experience. I’ll keep updating this frequently.

  1. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time.
  2. Do not agree to meetings that take more than 45 min.
  3. Do not take free introductory calls or meetings.
  4. Do…

or my constantly updating list of awesome products and hacks


  • Design, prototype, and collaborate in one tools. Figma is OS agnostic.
    It has all the good things from Sketch + Invision + Zeplin in one tool.

Time Saver

  • is a Virtual Assistant and a “Mechanical turk” for your tasks. It uses AI and Human power to find, organize and edit…

TL:DR; The Heroku Hobby plan will be more efficient in terms of your personal ROI.

I like the simplicity of Deploying an application to Heroku. Recently I checked the (PaaS alternative).

Pay attention:

  1. Dokku doesn’t support Multi-host.
  2. Dokku doesn’t support Multitenancy. …

This is the short post about sourcing images and photos for your blog post, that will save you time while sourcing free images.
I recommend a couple of websites that allow searching images with the right permissions.

Photo by on

But first, let`s define generic requirements:

  • High-resolution image
  • License Free
  • Royalty Free
  • Commercial usage

Let’s summarize: The owner tells you can use their image/photo however you want.

There are 2 websites I use the most often:

I simplify things by sourcing only from those two. It saves a lot of time.

Important Tip: Before start searching for your “Hero image”, set a timer only for 5 minutes. If you didn’t select anything, just skip and keep writing.

Just filter the results based on the requirements we already defined. And select the best result.

Cryptic addresses

While sending your subscribes a Crowdsale contract address, your user will get a message from your ICO with a random cryptic address:
The crowdsale starts in 1 min. The contract address is: 0xBbc79794599b19274850492394004087cBf89710
Please validate this address before making your transaction

It’s flattering to be asked to tell the audience how awesome is your startup. Or, your company discovered something important and you want to tell the world about it. You might need a validation, after getting too many rejections from VCs. …

You probably know that Name matters, a Lot. If you aren’t there yet, read this great essay by James Currier

Don’t ship with bad name

You shouldn’t ship your product with a Bad Name! So, what tools should you use to get a good one?

Those are 7 tools…

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