5 reasons to avoid Tech Conferences with your Startup

It’s flattering to be asked to tell the audience how awesome is your startup. Or, your company discovered something important and you want to tell the world about it. You might need a validation, after getting too many rejections from VCs.
Finding an investor, connecting with influencers or recruiting talent among the top reasons, entrepreneurs are going to Tech Conferences.

70% of the attendees never achieved any of these goals.
Tech conferences are waste of time. It’s true, unless your company is at scale and building a corporate brand.

So, Why nobody talks about this Startup Industry Secret? Probably, because it is a good source of income for organizers and another good source of headlines for magazine reporters.

  1. Organizers are focused on making money from you and their sponsors. Helping you isn’t their priority! You probably won’t gain a massive exposure there or a meaningful business opportunities.
  2. If you have some awesome insights, why would you share it? Leverage your knowledge to grow your company.
  3. You won’t learn anything new, probably. Why? See the previous reason.
  4. Recruiting a talent at the conference is a myth. None of the conference attendees with the sole purpose to find a job. It’s pretty expensive. As a growing startup, you want to hire only best people to join your company. You won’t be able to find it at the conference, but those leads you will get are very expensive and, probably, useless.
  5. Your goal is Startup Growth and it’s better spending your time at a Customer or your Industry conference. You can follow this index to find a good one: https://10times.com/conferences/by-industry

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