My personal NOT To-Do List


I aggregated those topics from various sources and my personal experience. I’ll keep updating this frequently.

  1. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time.
  2. Do not agree to meetings that take more than 45 min.
  3. Do not take free introductory calls or meetings.
  4. Do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers.
    All calls that I have from unrecognized phone numbers were SPAM, Sales calls and many distractions. If someone wants to schedule a call with me, please send a meeting request.
  5. Do not answer unscheduled phone calls during the workday.
    I am in the zone, concentrating on Getting Things Done. Any call will distruct me.
  6. Do not make work related conversation over Instant Messenger. (WhatsApp, Google Chat, Skype)
  7. Do not read talkbacks from articles.
    Note: I need to make a Browser plugin to hide those
  8. Do not over-communicate with low-profit.
  9. Do not work on projects that are not in your passion zone.
  10. Do not work too much!
  11. Do not skip breaks.
  12. Do not skip lunch.
  13. Do not work after 11 pm.
  14. Do not be late to meetings.
  15. Do not try to get things perfect on the first attempt.
  16. Do not over-engineer.
  17. Do not constantly check my phone for notifications.
    All my phone notifications are disabled. Checking my phone 3 times a day, at most.
  18. Do not eat junk food on work days.
  19. Do not try to please everyone.
  20. Do not afraid to say NO.

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