Disruption on global real estates market from the rising economy

My thinking framework and view of the world just exploded all started by watching media debate current in New Zealand about foreign investment in Auckland property market, everyone in the community have their own interests and needs… the unpredictable of human nature makes it very hard to convince each other. why is that?

The divided people groups may not represent what’s in reality, it must be more complicated than this, it is a model to restructure my logic, i am tempted to understand why this is all happening. (My background as digital analysis certainly helped on using segmentation and think deeper on motivations.)

By reading news on a lot of financial websites including thepaper.cn and wallstreetcn.com, witnessing the crash of China stock market, euro crisis…read and learn more about world history from economic angle, it leads to the clue: it all has to do with the economic interests between countries…apparently as a working middle class in IT i don’t always follow things which are happening right now in the financial world-disrupted by the rising economies, which apparently impacting everyone even for the ones lives on an far away island country!

new leadership

News used to don’t make sense… from a macro angle you see a totally different world:

  • Property market, euro crisis, stock market crash, lower price for commodities, gold prices-these are signs,
  • GDP growth, unemployment rate, inflation rate, CPI, PMI-these are metrics,
  • Domestic policies, international policies, OCR, Tax- government‘s job
  • Plus start adding dimensions: economy size, country resources, geo location, human natures, behaviors, ways of thinking…

Exploded! What else did i miss?

After form the presented framework, then i was asking myself these questions:

  • Why does the government want people to buy properties?
  • Why don’t government make the rental market better?
  • Who else want you to buy properties?
  • Why some country want immigrates?
  • Why countries care about aging and new birth rate?
  • Why do we have to listen to the Americans or who ever the number one?
  • Why every country doesn't have the same resources?
  • Why do they control media, who owns the media in the west?
  • Why a lot of people are easily influenced or greedy?
  • Why do we have to feel unsafe, living in fear, climb the ladder?
  • Why people on this side of world don’t care about the other side?
  • Why countries have to become powerful?
  • Is globalization just a wish?
  • What will happen if resources found on another planet in next 10 years?

Does equality exist? will it ever exist?

I am not a professional in Economy nor Finance nor Social Psychology, the empty answer this leading to makes me depressing…

And suddenly beginning to understand the messages behind these films: <The Dark Knight Rises>, <Divergent>, <The Hunger Games>, <The Matrix>, <Inception>…
It give me shudders…

Even re-thinking about the animate <One Piece>…what the editor trying to tell us about the New World?!

How many out there thinks in similar way?
How many peoples around you actually understand the world order and reasons why they have to earn money?
If they already know, how many tried to revolt, how many are planning with the rules?

What is the solution??

Or just a Conspiracy Theory??