We're moving to Canada!

To incredible and amazing Toronto…
Rio de Janeiro and Toronto

2k14 was not a good year to me and my wife. Although end up pretty well as our lives is about to change from ground up.

Somewhere in November, a friend who lives in Canada posted on Linkedin that the company that he works was with an opportunity that fits perfectly in my profile. I got in touch ASAP with him and his first question was:

"Are you really willing to move over? And how about your wife?"

I said off course and, worth to say with all support from Carol, a huge adventure is about to start! After a few calls on Skype with Marcio and Te (the UX Director), they invited us to Toronto to spend a week there in December to know the city, the office and most important, to feel the winter cold. And I can say that was very cold.

Snow storm in December 2014 — Toronto, ON

After a couple more talks and meetings, in the middle of January, they made me the final job offer and it was prompt accepted. And since February 2nd I’m a proudly Mobile Designer for a Canadian company working remotely from my house in Rio.

My LMIA was approved last week and now we’re a just few steps to get the work visa. We’ll be moving to Toronto in January 9th.

Bye bye Brazil and hello snow!!!

Soon I’ll be posting about how is to work with Canadians, about our adaptation and how two cariocas (people who born in Rio) will live in hard cold.