Why Do Most People Hate Recruitment Agencies / third-party recruiters a/k/a headhunters ?
Teddy Lesmana

The only thing that’s worse than an agency recruiter than a person writing 15 bullet points documenting why people hate them.

If you hate agency recruiters, provide some information backing up your claim, writing an argument on behalf of said recruiters why they do what they do or something.

Articles like these provide absolutely no value whatsoever to anyone — it may have made you feel better when you wrote it, but chances are it probably didn’t. All it did was make you even angrier which defeats the purpose of posting on here.

I used to work in talent acquisition so I understand how the other side thinks — we all know that engineers think they walk on water and deserve to be treated better than everyone else. Just because the demand for engineers is higher than normal does not justify that sort of childish behavior.

Even though the commission for placing engineers is typically higher than other fields, I tend to shy away from those positions because the typical engineer isn’t really good at what s/he does to begin with, expects the world to give them a massive salary so they can learn on the job (after all, if they are actually asked to do something that they already know, that’s crazy right?) and then they can run away to another company 3 months later and get another raise.

I can’t support people who look at me as a stepping stone, treat me like a second class citizen and think they can do my job better than me.


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